Stack based buffer

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get the stack based buffer error message. used to happen every hour or two but after reinstalling client and letting cache redownload, it now crashes near instantly every time i turn it on.
Steps I have tried:
-Delete cache [without waiting for it to fully redownload]
-Update graphics drivers
-Reduce graphics settings
-Redownloading client and waiting for cache to finish (this made the problem much worse)

Type of client used: NXT
Operating System: Windows 10
Laptop/Desktop: Desktop
Processor: Intel I7 7700@3.60 GHz
Graphics Card: GTX 1080ti
RAM: 16 GB

20-Apr-2019 17:36:36

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Frankly, there is no clear solution to this. And it's more likely to be a coding defect on Jagex to resolve, rather than something within user control.
You may want to try temporarily disabling any antimalware software while playing the game, as this can help, as that can sometimes help, but there's still no guarantee.

I refer you to Hmm's insightful posts on this thread:

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