Freecam A & D keys don't work

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As the title suggests, when in 'Freecam' mode (right click world map icon, select Freecam) the keys A and D do nothing. Also from the moment I enter Freecam mode, my camera view is constantly slowly strafing to the right & nothing I do will stop it. Is this a known bug or is it user error?

19-Apr-2019 18:35:10

Master 0rich
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Master 0rich

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I did some quick searches through old posts in the thread and don't see any bugs or mentions of this.

Might want to submit a technical ticket for Jagex to investigate.

If someone else knows of anything, I'm sure they can chime in. For the time being, this would be the best route to go.

Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Master 0rich
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23-Apr-2019 00:10:54

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