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Mod Poerkie

Mod Poerkie

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Halowa all,

We are working hard on RuneFest but are really keen to give you a chance to be involved in the process.

We'd love you to pitch us your ideas for panels, workshops, main stage or just general event content that you’d like to see at the show this year. We are now deep into the planning process for the show so this is the ideal time to share your ideas, allowing us enough time to add them to the glorious mix that makes up RuneFest.

Your ideas could be anything that you think will be interesting and entertaining to your fellow players – feel free to think outside the box and come up with ideas that none of us will have ever seen before at RuneFest.

If you have an idea or suggestion please use this link to submit it

Please keep your pitch to 1,000 words maximum and include relevant links, as we want to make sure we have time to read and consider every idea that comes our way.

The deadline for your suggestions is the 5th July.
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12-Jun-2019 15:57:02

Miss Misty
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Miss Misty

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Submitted some old ideas I have had previously, all I can say is I am very glad that you brought back the skill chips! :P

Interested to see what TNB will be like this year given the changes!
Miss Misty
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13-Jun-2019 22:28:36

Daddy Wolfey
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Daddy Wolfey

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I think it would be neat too have instagram/twitter/riddet/ETC winners for best photos/stories/post made. The best part in my opinion is the Golden Gnomes... Get too see all the different talents within the Community!
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21-Jun-2019 05:26:02

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