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Quick find code: 135-136-32-66086976

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I just made a new clan today. I've been working on getting everything all nice n' pretty for the vexillum to be planted for all to see, but I can't figure out how to add the Clan Forum Thread ID.
I've posted a 'Welcome' thread for anyone who stumbles across our vex/clan page, and the thread ID is something like 81|5.
When I try copying and then pasting in the Edit Thread ID chat interface, it posts that but won't accept it. I think it might be that third digit, but I'm not sure?
If you know how to help, please do so. Thanks! :) <3 <3

02-Mar-2019 06:35:46

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Hi Icelandic,
I've copied the instructions for linking to your vex below but it looks like you have done most of those. The only thing I would do is check that thread id as you suggest and make sure it is correct. If it still isn't working, it may be worth saving your entire thread somewhere safe ( this is a good idea to do for any /all clan threads you want to keep**), and repost as a new thread - then try to link it again.

To add a link to your vexillum:
1 – Go to your clan page forum [log into the RS website, then go to Community - Clans, then click on Forums to the left of your clan banner].

2 – View the thread you would like to make a link to.

3 – Copy the Thread ID, found at the top right corner of the thread. Make sure not to add any extra spaces

4 – In-game, click on the clan chat tab. [the box with the 3 yellow men near your friend’s list tab]

5 – At the bottom of the clan chat window, click on the ‘Clan Settings’ button.

6 - In the window that opens, click on ‘Clan Settings’ again [found at the top in the centre]

7 – Click Edit Thread ID and paste in the Thread ID to the thread you wanted.

If you would like to allow player who are not in your clan to see the thread, make sure to make it public. You can find the option to make the thread public at the top of the thread.
Note 2: You must be in clan chat to be able to edit the Thread ID on the vexillum.

While we are talking about clan forum threads remember that threads which are not stickied on your clan forum are automatically deleted two weeks after the last post.

To avoid this, you can choose to stick a maximum of 5 threads. The option to stick a thread can be found at the top of that thread.

If you have already used up all 5 stickies, it is suggested you bump the threads you want to keep every week or so and also keep copies of them saved on a word document on your computer. Editing any of your posts on the thread also resets the two week timer it seems.

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Thanks for those steps. I remade the thread that I want to link and got to the last step.
When I click the paste option, it pastes it just fine. But when I click the accept option, nothing happens. The chat box doesn't close out. The thread ID doesn't get added. It doesn't even close if I click the Cancel option. I'm wondering if this is an issue that Jagex maybe needs to fix? I'll report it as a bug, unless anyone knows the problem.

02-Mar-2019 19:28:26

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I've heard that there were issues using the Paste feature when linking to a thread on your Clan Page. Personally, I've never used this and always typed the thread id out. This has never given me an issue.

Does it give you any issues if you type the 4 character thread id rather than paste it?
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04-Mar-2019 20:11:04

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