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Our clan is currently discussing internally whether to re-apply for membership in the leader forum. This post is not an application to have our clan considered for membership in the leader forum, but I do have a (personal) request whose reply could certainly eliminate uncertainty in our discussion.

We applied a few years ago, which was been several "regime changes" in Community Management. We were denied based on these words, which have been copied over to this new thread.

Mod Shauny said:
I'm the leader of a group for a particular D&D or our clan doesn't live in the clan forums, can I still apply?

While the Clan Leader forum isn't for Combat or Skilling clans only, we will have to review the situation and benefit that you and your group would bring to the forum. These groups are a great community initiative that should be supported in other ways, given the Clan Leader Forums focus on Clan related issues.

Since we do not have a thread on the clan forums and since we are unquestionably a D&D clan, we were denied, despite meeting both the membership quantity and duration criteria. At the time, we were told that, as a D&D clan, we didn't have any unique perspective to provide to the leader forum that couldn't be provided by combat or skilling clans.

Since words have meaning, my request is this:
Please clarify Community Management's intent to stand behind those quoted words.

If it is CM's intent to treat D&D clans differently on a case-by-case basis, independent of meeting the other stated qualifications, please re-affirm it and explain why it should continue to be so.

If, on the other hand, the words have merely been copied and pasted, you have no idea why they were ever written, and you have no intention of enforcing any policy they may once have represented, please delete them or replace them with some that describe whatever policy you intend to apply.

Thank you for your time and effort.

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