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Hey there :)

Current name: INS0MNIA (0 is a zero)
Proposed (inactive) name: INSOMNIA

I'm hoping the clan name is inactive...there doesn't appear to be much happening in that clan

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Yo my boi Shauny
I hope the clan names is something you still work with. :L

Current name:
The Endless Road

Proposed (inactive) name:

Thank you in advance :D

Nevermind, after a clan vote a change in clan name didnt pass :P
Still waiting to redeem myself.

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Current name: House Stark
Proposed (inactive) name: House Stark

I'm hopping the other clan is inactive it doesn't show up on search clan
besides for my House Stark and it's sorta difficult to tell that my clan
actually has 2 spaces in it.
My clan Total Members:141 and Actively: 10-20+ Ppl on everyday :).

I've been trying to get House-Stark for over a couple years now
can you check up on it Shauny and If the name is available we'll take it.
Please and thank you!

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Current Name:
League 0f Shadowss
- the of with a zero :(
Proposed (inactive) name:
League Of Shadows

New clan with big ambitions, we've done as much as we can as of yet to build a good foundation before we go full throttle ahead! recruiting, discord, forums, opened citadel and more, the clan name change would be the final piece of the puzzle!

would be
appreciated, thank you.
Proud member of the
League Of Shadows.
come join us! Quick find code: 290-291-481-66076944

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Hello My clan name is Knights "To" Saradomin

I would like to bring back the classic Saradomin clan from way back when and be called Knights "Of" Saradomin.

Unfortunately the name is taken and the clan is very inactive. Could I get access to the name please? Thank you!
-C-town, Leader of Knights Of Saradomin

19-Jan-2019 15:32:32

Mod Shauny

Mod Shauny

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Alrighty everyone, I'm going to sort some time through the week to go through these where possible :) Mod Shauny - RuneScape Community Management - Goebies! - @JagexShauny
I love Clans!

26-Mar-2019 11:14:37

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