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Weapon Gizmo
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Using Dominion Mines no longer skips the tendrils mechanic during the Telos encounter.

About time this got fixed , I sincerly hope good amount of bans were issued for abusing that mechanic , however I don't see Nex Angel of Death fix about same issue pretty much?

08-Jan-2018 15:18:30

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Mod Shauny said:
Coverr said:
Still no fix for items being invisible after all our reports...
Thanks for the other patches !

If all goes well a NXT warmfix tomorrow will fix it :)

Can you make stalkers task only?
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08-Jan-2018 15:36:09

Ian Adler
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Ian Adler

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"The slow method of travelling by magic carpet has been removed to simplify magic carpet travel."

WHAT?! That means we cannot watch ourselves fly over the Desert!? That had to be the most fun and thematic teleport system in the game :O:@
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08-Jan-2018 16:39:12

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