What? No Spring Fayre?

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San Gwyn
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San Gwyn

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I'm sorry to see no Fayre . I feel as if Runescape is drifting away from the community it once inspired.

The Fayre and the Beach were great places to meet other players where there was no competition for resources. They were a great place for new players to make connections and gain support. Unlike the early years of Runescape the community is harder to find especially at lower levels. I know some players felt they were a bit jaded but for encouraging community involvement they were unparalled.

Runescape is more fun played with others .......... let's make it easy for new players to find the community bring back the Fayre and let the Beach do it's job.

20-Apr-2019 14:50:46

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Lord Drakan said:
Draco Burnz said:
I cant remember where but a Jmod said on reddit that the Fyre is canceled indefinitely.

Thank Zaros for that, enough of those mtx eyesores. Has the Beach been cancelled too? :D

There is no Spring Fayre this year but the Eggstraganza also has those of your "mtx eyesores".

45 Runecoins for 500 chocolate fragments.
240 Runecoins for 2500 fragments.
385 Runecoins for 5000 fragments.

Of course, you can buy Runecoins and therefore chocolate fragments and therefore all the Easter Event rewards plus unlimited Mystery Loot Boxes. Obviously there are MTX eyesores for you.

23-Apr-2019 04:19:20

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