Dev Diary: Future of Invention

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It's time to start thinking about what's next on the bleeding edge of Gielinorian tech. We’ve heard your feedback and are returning to development of the Invention skill, and we need your sharp minds to help us determine its direction.

Watch on as Mods Ollie, Deg and Erator outline our current plans, and start putting together your ideas for devices, machines and level benefits.

Pitch Us Your Ideas

We’ve got a sense of where we need to focus our efforts, but we’d love to get your thoughts on whether this is the right direction for you and for the game.

As it stands, Batch 2 will include:

  • Benefits for reaching higher levels

  • New devices, focusing on 99+

  • Machines, which will slowly automate simple processes for you

  • Quality of life improvements.

We don’t intend to introduce new components, tech trees or perks this time around, although they may come along in the future.

This is where you come in. We want you to pitch us your ideas for new Invention content that meets the above criteria. If it’s a great fit for the game and is within our scope, we’ll get it in there.

Head to our forum thread and post your idea. For device suggestions, follow this format:

  • Device Name:

  • What It Does:

  • How It’s Used:

Please also consider the following guidelines for item level benefits:

  • We aren’t looking for disassembly/siphoning benefits at this time.

  • Benefits shouldn’t be so powerful that levelling an item to 20 feels mandatory.

  • Benefits should not require skill-wide changes (new appearances for every augmented item, extra functionality to every perk, etc). That would lie outside of our scope for this project.

Finally, to clarify: machines take an input and – after a set amount of time – return a result. An example could be an auto-disassembler which takes a number of items and, over the course of a week, turns them into their components for you.

Get Inspired!

Whether it's a nascent notion or a 'Eureka!' moment, we need your feedback. Let us know what you think.

The RuneScape Team

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Device name:
(completely open to suggestions) Riskward (combination of risk and reward)

What it does:
One thought of mine, although not technically an over-time machine, would be something that can be built that would increase the chances of getting "x" perk at "x" level. For example, let's take Furnace.

How it's used:
Build a gizmo that you can place components in (up to five, for example), then while building another gizmo (tool, in this case) it takes the place of one or more components. increasing the chances of getting Furnace 3, at the cost of increased components. With this "riskward", you build it, place five Dragonfire components inside of it and "seal" it, locking in your component choice. Then, while filling a tool gizmo, you use four dragonfire components, and one "riskward", for a total of 9 dragonfire components. This increases your chances (proportionally to the number of "riskward"'s used) in obtaining Level 3.
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Device Name:

"Anima Gauntlet" (Visually similar to the Anima Witch in Shattered worlds concept art)

What It Does:

Allows instant "Convert to Memories, Energy, Experience or Enhanced Experience" on any Divination based wisp, changing via a toggle.

How It’s Used:

Speeding up Divination training and or energy collecting, making it more convenient without the need to rush to the crater, allowing to keep up the momentum of clicking wisps.
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I just watched the latest Dev Diary Video on Invention.

Cutting out Inspiration? -- I have over 20K of that with no Blueprints to use them on. Will I lose it all or will I be compensated?

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