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Hey folks!

I come bearing important information!

Here are all of the Winter Weekends for this festive period (these are all final as we don't have any additional time to make amendments or implement suggestions, we wanted to get these to you ahead of time so you can prepare yourselves!):

(Ironmen are excluded from all bonuses in bold)

1st-4th December -

‣ Charm drops give one more charm than normal.
‣ Increased chance of rare drops and enhanced ring of wealth.
50% increased Slayer experience. ⊷
‣ All Slayer assignments are treated as using a Slayer VIP Ticket.
‣ Shattered Worlds grants 50% extra anima.
‣ 10% cheaper instance fees.
‣ Ability to loot from Mazcab Raids once per day.
‣ Extra training points from Boss Training.
‣ You may choose your Boss Slayer assignments over the weekend.

8-11th December -
Menaphos & Sophanem!

‣ New City Quests appear twice as fast after completion of a City Quest.
75% increased experience from Shifting Tombs. ⊷
‣ 50% increased reputation in Menaphos.
‣ Increased chance to receive Menaphite Gift Offerings.
25% increased Slayer experience within the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. ⊷
‣ Bonus chance of jewelled statuettes while wearing a ring of wealth and doubled chance of sceptre of the gods and black ibis while at Pyramid Plunder.
Double experience from Plover bird hunting. ⊷
‣ 50% increased base chance to successfully pickpocket in Menaphos.
Triple experience from harvesting Luminous Wisps (converting memories remains the same experience rate). ⊷

15-18th December -

‣ +1 Castle Wars gold ticket per game, regardless of win, lose or draw.
‣ +1 medal from Fish Flingers per game.
‣ Double commendation points from Pest Control and Conquest.
‣ Double Bonus XP and gambling rewards from Barbarian Assault.
‣ Bosses killed in Dominion Tower are counted twice for the purposes of reward unlocks.
‣ +50% Dominion Factor earned.
+50% produce points at Livid Farm (stacks with boosters). ⊷
‣ An extra 600 daily bonus points in Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza.
‣ 100% increased Menaphos reputation from Shifting Tombs.
‣ Double zeal from Soul Wars.
‣ Shattered Worlds grants 50% extra anima.
‣ Double points from Stealing Creation.

22-25th December -
Gathering & Support Skills!

‣ Divination: Springs last for twice as long once a wisp is activated.
‣ Divination: Enriched divination nodes spawn every 10 minutes.
‣ Fishing: Spots move around half as frequently as before.
‣ Thieving: Pharaoh's Sceptre and Black Ibis outfit drops are twice as likely at Pyramid Plunder.
‣ Dungeoneering: Double tokens from regular Dungeoneering.
‣ Dungeoneering: No experience penalty upon death.
‣ Hunter: 2 Orokami spawn instead of 1 on uncharted isles.
‣ Agility: Higher chance of activating The Pit Minigame.
‣ 10% chance not to deplete uncharted isles resources while harvesting.
‣ Mining nodes and trees replenish twice as quickly.

29-1st January -
Clue Scrolls!

‣ 1 free reroll for clue rewards per day.
‣ Improved chance to get clue scrolls from drops and pickpocketing.
‣ Gilly Willikers will give you a free clue scroll per day (starting at noon). Type dependent on total level:
  ‣ 37-1,400 total levels: easy
  ‣ 1,401-2,000 total levels: medium
  ‣ 2,001-2,500 total levels: hard
  ‣ 2,501+ total levels: elite
Each clue scroll completed will reward a festive box containing festive food and has a chance of containing one of the following items: ⊷
  ‣ Slayer VIP tickets ⊷
  ‣ Silverhawk down ⊷
  ‣ Tight springs ⊷
  ‣ Charms ⊷
  ‣ Experience lamps and stars ⊷
Easy clues reward a festive box (easy), medium and hard clues a festive box (hard), and elite clues a festive box (elite). ⊷

5-8th January -
Artisan Skills!

Crafting: 10% chance to produce an extra urn when adding runes to them. ⊷
‣ Fletching: 25% increased Fletching experience. ⊷
‣ Smithing: Double XP and respect in the Artisans' Workshop. ⊷

‣ Runecrafting: Increased node spawns and double reward points at Runespan.
Construction: Chance to retain a plank with Scroll of proficiency increased by 10% ⊷
‣ Cooking: Reduced chance to burn food. ⊷
‣ Herblore: Extra 2.5% chance to save a secondary ingredient when mixing potions. ⊷

...and last, but by no means least:

1st December-8th January -

Yes that's right; the Player-owned Ports bonuses will be active for the entire 5 week duration.

‣ 25 voyages per day instead of 15.
‣ All player-owned ports voyages return 30% extra resources or trade goods.
‣ Ability to get The Barmaid's special voyage on Saturdays and Sundays as well as Thursdays.

I hope this information serves you well. Have a wonderful winter holiday period!

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Very nice!
I know nobody will see this signature but sometimes when I am bored - I like to go into my garden, cover myself in dirt and pretend i'm a carrot.

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all these things seem like nice extra benefits to have just for fun whilst doing skills anyway, but then fletching gets a flat 25% xp boost? what the hell? lol makes no sense

16-Nov-2017 14:37:21

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