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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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I don't play very often lately, so it'd be unlikely to catch me online. I'd enjoy hearing more thoughts that you have about this and I think it's best to discuss it here anyway, because then others can have a read of it :P

Thanks a lot for your comments and contributions! ^_^
I look forward to hearing from you again (no pressure though). :P
Good luck with your exams!
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

22-Jan-2019 08:07:03



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Hey Stoic, thank you for your response :p

I read about the valley of peace, but I don't think you mentioned a bank being there, only it being a safezone where you can skill.

About the skilling part, it would be very easy for people to skill and just bank every so often so they don't lose a lot. If you implement the Deadman implementation, you have 8 slots (I think, correct me if I am wrong) where you can add items which you will keep anyway, but if you die, you lose your 5 most valuable items. I strongly believe that this will make the mode more exciting but also more frustrating, so it's a bit of a tradeoff.

For the raids armour, it would depend honestly, because if you make it very expensive in the shop, maybe the Raids teams won't complain (hopes up ^^).

When I was talking about the distance limit, I may have been a bit unclear. What I meant is that you can see 5 - 10 spaces on your minimap. This would give you a short timespan in which you can react. Besides that I would keep the wildy mechanics where you can see combat from a distance but the player isn't visible until you get closer.

I will give the entire document another read in the near future, so I may be able to come up with more items to discuss :)

Thank you for the goodluck wishes :D

22-Jan-2019 13:12:54

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Hey Rottop12, no worries.

True, I didn't mention a bank. I'll add that shortly.
You can skill and kill (PVE only) for low level supplies and gear in the valley of peace.

Yes, you could bank frequently if you wanted to. This would reduce your gathering efficiency significantly, as you'd have to spend time searching for and running to a bank. You'd be an easy target too, which would further reduce your ability to gather supplies. It would be more beneficial to at least have moderate means of defending yourself while skilling.

With the Deathmatch Mode death method, you always risk your top 10 most expensive stacks of items in your bank + everything on you. I can see both negatives and positives with this. I just read about it on the OSRS wiki and here is what I think.


- no more ragging (however, without protect item, would ragging exist anyway?)
- bots would be even more vulnerable
- can choose 10 items to keep safe
- loot is a single, easy to pick up item (bank key)


- If you just felt like using mid level gear for a change, you'd risk just as much as using your best gear.
- If you died and spawned at a random location with nothing, you could be killed again, and again - until you have nothing left in the bank and no way to defend yourself.
- It doesn't make a lot of sense to kill a player and somehow get items from their bank.
- players aren't accustomed to risking items that are in their bank (myself included)
- you could have items taken that you rely heavily on - eg all of your stacked food
- as soon as someone gets more than 10 very good items for "safekeeping", they will feel forced to "smuggle" them, so that they don't lose them. If they don't wish to smuggle them, they could just store those additional valuable items on another account with 10 free "safekeeping slots".

I do like the idea of how death works in DMM.
Perhaps I'm just used to the current way that we die and only what we have on us is lost.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

24-Jan-2019 05:11:43

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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I feel that the current death mechanic is more suitable for The New Wild, but I'd be ok with DMM's death mechanic also.

Yup, it might be possible and fair to have raids gear in the Wilderness Point shop (hopefully) :D

Not sure if I understand what you mean by the distance that you can see. I think you're saying that the minimap has a shorter visible range than what you can visually see? I think that's how it already is. My suggestion for the new wild is - you can't see any dots on the minimap. You have to rely completely on what you can see visually. If you don't look all around you (rotate screen), someone could literally sneak up on you without you noticing.

I look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

You're welcome. :)
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Hi Stoic,

Could always change the amount of items to lose, to say maybe the 3 most or 2 most. I think it'll make the new wild a lot more fun and dangerous at the same time. The random death mechanic, maybe let them spawn inside the valley of peace? They can easily restock on supplies and bank to get their gear out. Also what I was saying is that you'd be pretty much forced to bring your good gear out, which makes the combat also more interesting because everyone would be risking something. You mentioned that your skilling would be a lot more ineffective if you bank all the time, but gathering a lesser amount of items is always better then giving them away to someone who pk's you. I mean I think it would be a good mechanic to keep the world PvP based.

Secondly, I had been thinking about people just using 2 accounts to get points, cause unfortunately that's what's going to happen. I was thinking that you get less points each time you kill the same person without killing someone else. Sadly, they'll just use 2 accounts instead of 1 to kill :/ Any ideas on how to counter this?

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King Tumeken
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King Tumeken

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I like this idea.

I don't think it should be instanced, as we have a version of such that is instanced. We could change that version into this one, however.
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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Response to Rottop12:

Being forced to always bring out your best gear is a double edged sword.
I think most players would like to choose what they risk, rather than always risking the best stuff in your bank. Maybe it could work on percentages - like you lose 10% of the items (in terms of total value) in your bank or something rather.

I'm used to the current death mechanics, but willing to try something new. Jagex should poll which death mechanic to use out of: current or DMM death options, among many other things to poll which I have and haven't mentioned (- limit the poll to players with over 100 player kills in the wilderness - so that anti-PVP players and alts cannot distort what the PVP community wants). I'd be happy whichever way the vote swung for either death mechanic.

The problem with spawning in the valley of peace is that grievers and NSers will know exactly where to find individual players when they die in order to hassle them. I guess the solution to that could be:

"Where would you like to spawn?"

1. Valley of Peace.
2. Random location.

That way, people can escape the clutches of toxic players. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

31-Jan-2019 06:05:23

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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With your boosting example, I haven't thought a lot about that to be honest.

Since PVP will be such a common occurrence, I don't think boosting will have a significant advantage (fighting yourself gives the same amount of reward as fighting someone else). With all of the fighting, combined with scarce resources, it should be rare for people to have an excessive amount of supplies to the point where boosting will be a common thing.

In order to get wilderness points from players, you need to deal damage to them. In order to deal significant amounts of damage, you need a significant amount of food. Food is a necessity that enables players to obtain items from both PVP and PVE. If you use up your food, you will struggle to survive or get items to smuggle out. It'd be a good idea to save food for getting items, rather than using it up to boost.

So... if you use your food for boosting wilderness points, you miss out on using food to PVP and PVM for loot + roughly the same amount of wilderness points that boosting would have awarded anyway.

I could be wrong, so it's a good idea to have a plan. Your idea to reduce further awarded points gained from the last person you killed is a good one.

I just thought of a better one. Fighting players which you have fought with previously in the last 10 minutes, award wilderness points at half the rate.

Another problem with players spawning at the valley of peace is that it could be used as a meeting ground for people that boost without food. Because of this "ease" to find another player, I'm not sure if they would be able to gain wilderness points faster from killing each other repeatedly without food, opposed to taking the time to gather food and fight properly.

I think the "reduced points for players fought back to back within X minutes" would mostly solve boosting. If it doesn't, I don't think that boosting would be such a big problem anyway.

Thanks for bringing my attention to boosting, Rottop12! ;)
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

31-Jan-2019 06:50:18

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Well, it took a few hours, but I read it!

It's hard to say whether or not I support it, as while a lot of the ideas are cool, a lot are kind of so-so. All the "undecided"s don't help either.

Though I might point out that the Hellfire Bow is T90, not T99.
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