Addition to Gemstone Dragons

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Runite Duck

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My idea is that we add three to four new gemstone dragons.

Those being:


The diamond might be a little too much, but either way, I feel like this would be a nice small update. The dragons could either be an addition to the underground Shilo Village Mine, or they could have a new cave / dungeon. I know new dragons were released in ED2, but I really like dragon slaying and their unique rewards.


All: Have a bright gleam that occasionally glows off of them. Has chunks of whichever resembling gemstone. Levels go up from Sapphire being the lowest all the way to to Diamond and higher. They have scales that are a similar color, but more dragon realistic. Example: Ruby Dragon, red ruby chunks and slightly tannish red / pink scales.

I feel like if this were to be introduced then we would either need a quest, or a certain dungeoneering level.
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