Player-owned agility courses

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I originally posted this idea elsewhere, but it's probably most appropriate to put up a thread here. Without further ado, I'll just get right into it. Agility is a skill that really needs new ways to train. There's a clear lack of agility courses in the game. It would be great to add rooftop courses similar to the ones found in Old School RuneScape, but there's a lot more potential in the way RuneScape 3 can approach Agility. We could have an infinite number of courses to play through.

Try imagining player-owned houses with a Super Mario Maker aspect to it. You'll be building parts of an agility course rather than a house. There can be climbing walls, rope swings, tripwire traps, and more. An entire course must be completed with a defined beginning and end to make the most use out of your builds. You could spam one obstacle over and over, but that will only give a marginal amount of experience like with a regular agility course. The experience you gain from completing a course could be based on some sort of formula that takes into account the quality of all your obstacles.

Obstacles require a certain Agility and Construction level to train. Yup, this idea's got another way to train Construction too. As mentioned earlier, a formula can go over your course as a whole to calculate experience gain. You constantly want to build new agility courses as you level up Agility and Construction to gain experience appropriate for your level. Not only that, but your agility course will be ranked as well. This is so that other players can try it out.

Now comes the fun part. Your agility course is put into a playlist full of others like it. Players can go through these playlists and be given the option to teleport to a new agility course every few laps. This would help make training less mind-numbing. You might also find yourself playing on some cool formats.

Well, that's all I can fit into this post. I hope this all makes sense, but let me know if I need to clarify anything.

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I mean yes, it sounds fun if done right, but at the moment, agility needs more uses first tbh. Once it has enough uses to matter, then it would be more appropriate to think about stuff like this IMO. > )
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I have always thought agility didn't get enough spotlight. It can be fun with friends. I would support this idea.
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17-Aug-2018 22:19:01

Rane Drops
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Rane Drops

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I LOVE the idea! Agility courses seem to get boring very fast. They are not hard, but there's just no excitement to them, and its not like you can type and chat effectively while doing it.
Great idea!
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04-Sep-2018 00:11:44

A Thorondor
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A Thorondor

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This sounds great!

The update could be expanded on in so many ways too. Procedurally generated courses, maybe just for you, maybe for everyone and they will last for half an hour and you can try to get the fastest time. I guess that would make agility quite the skill-based 'skill'.

05-Nov-2018 09:49:48

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Sounds very interesting, support!

EDIT: no 99.9999999 % failure rate troll levels with traps and impossibilities please!
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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Yusou Bhoroi
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Yusou Bhoroi

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I love the idea!

There would obviously need to be a limit on the xp per lap (or per period of time), so that it couldn't be abused, but otherwise it looks great!

I also like the ideas that Thorondor brought up.

05-Dec-2018 00:29:17

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Leigha523 said:
I have always thought agility didn't get enough spotlight. It can be fun with friends. I would support this idea.

This gives me an idea! What if there were spotlights for Agility courses like they do with mini games! When an agility course is on spotlight the highest xp per course that can be accessed by the player is gained regardless of course or perhaps even a piece of agile armor could be won or a silver down feather could be gained for each time the course is completed?

This could could make Agility a bit more social by bringing all players together to a single course.

19-Jan-2019 05:47:29

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