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By Decree of Duke Viktor Valengale

Old Southern Forts along the Sarimia-Falador border that had been previously decommissioned during the chaos are to be fully functioning once more and manned by various soldiers from Southern Houses. A handful of new outposts are to be constructed along key points of the south.

As the rebuilding of a navy begins, every house is to pick men to become sailors and begin training under Admiral Macmillen and a number of seasoned captains.
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Sedna Aren
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A report of the day's planning, by Jane Eradith

Praise be to Saradomin.

1.) Aide her royal highness in crafting a letter to the Duke of Burthorpe.

2.) Orchestrate a basket of lavish fruits for her Majesty to gift unto the Pharaoh for their meeting.

Hallowed be his name, forever leading the Asgarnian people, glory to you Saradomin.
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Sedna Aren
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4 Moevyng, Year 7, Sixth Age

Your Grace,

Our pious and gracious queen greets you warmly, Frederick, Duke of Burthorpe, and is compelled to wish you good fortune in coming days. Her Majesty the Queen noted your absence from her coronation as Queen of Asgarnia, though no insult has been taken on her part; she only wishes she could have had the opportunity to speak with you on matters concerning the future of this realm. The Crown, with the Grace of Saradomin, has made the reunification of the realm, and liberation of those parts under hostile occupation, its most imminent priority. Her Majesty the Queen makes it certain that expulsion of the Bandosian hordes and the rogue Kinshra elements from their positions of power in Blackmarch, and throughout the realm, are of paramount importance to all of Asgarnia; this occupation, if allowed to fester, will surely destroy us all and, with us, our very way of life. We all must take responsibility for the sake of our future. The time to act is now.

Therfore, Her Majesty the Queen invites you to her court to speak with her on these matters personally. Your Grace will be accommodated with quarters fitting your rank and station in the castle for the duration of your visit. Her Majesty the Queen hopes that you, too, sees the threat posed upon our realm by the hordes in Blackmarch and hopes your reply shall be swift, given the urgency of the issues aforementioned.

Jane Eradith,
Private Secretary to the Sovereign

(The envelope which the letter came in carried the seal of the Sovereign of Asgarnia; it was also stamped below the private secretary's name, so as to tell the reader that it came from the Queen, Sedna.)
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In response to the letter sent to Burthorpe.

To Sedna the Pretender,

Per the ancient Grey Tanisty, Burthorpe does not recognize your legitimacy nor claim to the throne of Saint Edward. Burthope does not recognize your claim to the ancient land of Anglia, the seat of the Grey Emperors.

The blood of Varis the Great does not flow through your veins, nor does the Crown of Saint Edward rest upon your head, nor the sword Lightfire in your fist.

Burthorpe only knows one crown.

The same crown passed down from each Grey monarch to the next. Bore by the rightful Emperors of Argervia, Kings of Asgarnia and Anglia, House Grey.

His Grace,
Frederick William Grimdark,
Lord Protector of Anglia,
Duke of Burthope,
Earl of Greenwood,
Knight Grand Cross of the St. Edward Order
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Sedna Aren
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At noon on 10 Moevyng of the Seventh Year, Sixth Age, a company of heralds departed from the great, white fortress in the center of the city of Falador. Each carried a pamphlet which, once they reached their destination among various points of Asgarnia, they read aloud to crowds of peasants and merchants or in the courts of lords of the land, were they permitted. It was, of course, a message from the Queen herself which is spoken, to those that were audience to Her Majesty's heralds, as follows:


In feudal tradition, it is the obligation of the Crown to govern this realm fairly and in accordance with the will of Saradomin, and so in His grace she shall reign as Sovereign of Asgarnia. Likewise, the vassal is obliged to yield his fealty to the Sovereign of Asgarnia, and as such receive such rights as those usually afforded to nobility, in accordance with the will of God or else forfeit their titles and holdings therein.

Hence, in the mercy of Her Majesty the Queen, anointed Sovereign by the grace of Saradomin, she summons His Grace the Duke of Burthorpe, her vassal by law, to swear the oath in fealty which is due. Therefore, if no such oath is made before Her Majesty the Queen by the first of the new month, it is her lawful prerogative to revoke the titles and lands which he has been granted by his liege, the Sovereign.

As such, Her Majesty the Queen urges His Grace the Duke of Burthorpe to take action which is necessary to return this country to order, under the guidance of the Sovereign who is ordained by Saradomin; it is within the powers of the Crown of Asgarnia to take further action such is necessary according to the circumstances thereafter.

Her Majesty the Queen prays that, in Saradomin's word, the Duke of Burthorpe shall hastily find reason in this troubling time to bring an end to this terrible discord before it has wrought a worse suffering upon this land, from which there could be no return.
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