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Mod Shauny

Mod Shauny

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Hey all,

In the near future we're going to be hosting our traditional data stream!

This is your chance to ask for any data requests so we can present them on stream and talk about them, for example you may ask about boss kill requests

Ask away and I'll try to reply where possible!
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09-Oct-2018 09:14:20

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Hi Shauny, I hope you're doing well! :)

Here are a few questions that I'm interested in:

- How many pets were obtained throughout the month of September 2018?
- How many Hardcore Ironmen that were created on day 1 are still alive and active?
- What is the most skipped Slayer task?

Thank you very much! :)

09-Oct-2018 16:39:28

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1. How many members have played more than an hour in total since 1st of June this year?

2. How much gold has been injected to the game from the magical dice in total?

3. On average, how big of a portion of their total playtime does each player spend doing dailyscape content (D&D's, temporary events, etc content that, if the player does not complete in a certain period of time, they miss out on some/all of the rewards)?

Cheers! > )
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09-Oct-2018 17:47:01



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How much money has been bummed from Anja?
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10-Oct-2018 18:06:25

Nexus Origin

Nexus Origin

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How many buckets do players have stored in their bank?

How many players are wearing buckets?

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11-Oct-2018 16:59:09

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I think it would be interesting to know: What is the average number of unique accounts that log in to either (or both) games per day?
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How many of each holiday discontinued item there are still in-game.

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11-Oct-2018 18:22:51

Neuro Agent
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Neuro Agent

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Has anyone ever chopped the oak tree by the chemists house in Rimmington?

More serious question: How many HCIM have died since the game mode was released

20-Oct-2018 19:06:44 - Last edited on 20-Oct-2018 19:15:28 by Neuro Agent

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What percentage of members have 399 Quest Points, i.e. can wear a Quest Cape?

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