allowed to gift items/gold?

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So, i haven't played for over 3 years now, but my younger brother just recently started playing.

I know trading in-game items for real world stuff is against the rules, and i read somewhere that there is/was a cap on what you are allowed to trade to other players.

so, trying to be careful not to break the rules, and get my account, or my brothers banned, i thought i would ask here. apologies if this is already stated somewhere else, but couldn't find a clear answer.

can i trade my brother as much gold/items as i want, for nothing in return?

also, he told me he made a friend inside the game who gave him a set of mithril armor. am i allowed to give his friend gold/items aswell? not much, but thought i would pay him for the armor on behalf of my brother.

thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and respond to my post. again, apologies if i posted this in the wrong sub-forum, or could find the information somewhere else.

15-Mar-2018 19:38:46

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