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Trying to get my friends back in the game for double weekend exp. This would be our first time playing RuneScape for a long time. I draw RuneScape arts! :D

06-Feb-2018 17:32:09

Pink Orchid
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Pink Orchid

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I know some things do not work on DXP but, will a Summoning Focus work?? Ty :)
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Sadly im already having technical issues - double XP isnt working for me! It worked for the first 5 mins, but isnt working now.
I am smithing gold bars, have goldsmith gautlets on, and am only getting the XP from those. no bous XP (in brackets) at all.
When it initially worked, the goldsmith gauntlets didnt work - removing them didnt change xp gain at all.

Anyone else having similar issues?? :(

23-Feb-2018 13:18:23

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