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Hello, I play barbarian assault every day and I get honour points. It is rather annoying for someone who consistently has to high gamble (60 points each) 20k+ points every couple of days. I speak for plenty of other players who find high gamble a pain and a nuisance based on the fact that it takes 30+ minutes to get our reward from playing the minigame. I would like to recommend a high gamble x button or a faster way to claim our reward. I have high gambled almost 600k honour points, which is 10k high gambles, and 60k textboxes. Each high gamble takes about 5 seconds to do and overall I have spent almost 14 hours of game time just high gambling. This button would make the Barbarian Assault community extremely pleased and encourage more people to play. I hope you take my recommendation into consideration. Thank you Organizer of Tempest Royale
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14-Oct-2017 05:43:21

Lord Drakan
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Lord Drakan

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First of all, I looked at your BA hiscores. Impressive. *tops hat* I'd love to take on the King with you some time. :D

More relevantly, good suggestion. I'll add it to my minigame thread if that's okay.
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14-Oct-2017 14:22:18

Mr Meowstic
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Mr Meowstic

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As someone who was formerly a top defender way back I cannot stress how much i love this idea. Is the community for BA really still that active though? I thought minigames not under the spotlight were dead.

31-Oct-2017 04:04:58

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