Patch Notes (M&S) - 20/11

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Hey all,

The Mining and Smithing team have been hard at work fixing up issues and much more for this beta and we're in the process of rebooting the BETA servers currently.

You can play the beta by clicking this link

Once this has finished the following patch notes will go live :)

- The Artisans' Workshop basement has been removed the Dwarven Mines interior. Portable deposit boxes, divine locations, cannons and clan flags were being used for griefing purposes in the Artisans' Workshop, so can no longer be spawned in that area.
- Fixed Artisan's workshop ceremonial sword reward shop unlocks not transferring over to unlocking Solemn Smith upgrades
- A bank area (for healing, keepsakes, etc) has been mapped surrounding the bank chest in the Artisans' Workshop.
- Removed some debug that slipped into the Beta
- The Farming achievement Smartest Harvest in the Skills achievements category has been replaced with some existing Herblore achievements.
- The Beta vendors have been improved with new stock
- Catalysts (Coal, luminite, phasmatite) have had their inventory models updated to help distinguish them from ores
- "Everything is Oresome" achievement has been fixed
- The liquid gold nymph now despawns after giving you a reward, and you will have to complete your lava crust progress to respawn her again. Your progress is otherwise remembered, and if she despawns after 5 minutes or due to you logging out, you can respawn her by mining the crust without needing to mine for the full hour.
- Fixed an issue with Mining XP in the Throne Room
- Signs of the Porter now work with ores
- Removed an empty rock that was blocking access to the deposit box in the Mining Guild resource dungeon.
- Ore box capacity for all stored ores is now only increased by completing the Everything Is Oresome achievement, instead of getting the ore capacity increase for an ore by mining 100 of that ore.
- Fixed an issue where adding silver or gold ore to an ore box told you that you hadn't completed 'Family Crest' even you have.
- Mining rocks at the Rimmington site have been remapped, to ensure that there's sufficient nearby adamantite rocks to trigger rockertunities, and that copper is correctly positioned for a cutscene in the What's Mine Is Yours quest.
- To improve access to these resources, coal has been added to the mining site west of Falador, mithril to the mining site south-west of Varrock, and adamantite to the mining site south-east of Varrock.
- Added a map icon to the northern Feldip Hills swamp mine site. Removed Search options from 3 types of rocks at the entrance to and inside the skavid cave from the Watchtower quest that did nothing other than trigger "Nothing interesting happens".
- Corrected issue with the dungeon link on the world map for the Throne Room
- The Legends' Guild South-West Mine map icon now appears on the road between the coal and mithril rocks instead of an icon for each of them.
- Fixed a crash when mining living rock cavern creatures.
- Swapped the necrite and mithril mining sites in the desert mining camp interior unlocked by the Tourist Trap quest, so the necrite is in an additional mining area unlocked by the quest.
- The gold mining rocks near Brimhaven have been arranged to have more of a horseshoe shape to comply with a quest clue.
- The Suity Level Maximum achievement is no longer influenced by rockertunities and critical swings.
- Information has been added to Resources (ores and catalysts) in the Mining skill guide listing the sites where the resource can be mined.
- The base rockertunity damage bonus has been adjusted from +5 to +4
- Noted ores can now be stored in the ore box. Withdrawing from an ore box now has the option of withdrawing as items or notes.
- There is now better messaging for ore boxes when trying to deposit noted items into it or full inventory
- Steel and Mithril bars now require 1 coal each, down from 2 and 4 respectively
- Breaking down Torva/Malevolent now works as expected
- Smelting will now default to the maximum value you can make (up to 60) rather than 1
- The button for making burial armour now, like, works. Consistently.
- Deposit all button for the furnace now deposits ore. You may need to click on a bar or ore to make the interface update (known issue)
- Having ore from the Elemental Workshop will no longer block you from doing other actions.
- A typo in the name of "Malevolent essence" and "Praesulic essence" has been corrected.
- Depositing into and withdrawing from the metal bank is now disabled in New Varrock. Items stored in your metal bank are also no longer shown in the Smelting/Smithing interface when in New Varrock.
- Fixed a possible crash with Bane Burial armours
- Bank pin will be requested when you try and withdraw items from the metal bank
- Withdraw/Deposit-X has been added to the metal bank
- On trimmed masterwork helm and upgraded masterwork helm (g), the Constitution bonus has been corrected to a Strength bonus.
Hope you enjoy! And as always keep your feedback coming in this forum :)
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