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Exiled Illusions

We currently looking for PVMers to join our clan!

We are a small social and PVM clan

Exiled Illusions is a clan open to all and has no inherent requirements to join
However, we are looking to expand and expose our clan to more PVM and Bossing
PVMers are limited to combat 100+ due to the bosses we currently do

If looking for a laid back clan for bossing, then come join!

Current Clan Information/Features

- Established January 2018
- Home world 64
- Members 130s
- Citadel 4
- Discord

Bosses we are looking for PVMers for

Mid/Hi Bosses
Low Bosses

- All GWD 1 - Demon Flash Mob
- All GWD 2 - King Black Dragon
- Kalphite King - Kalphite Queen
- Elite Dungeons

we are interested in expanding our knowledge into other group bosses, such as raids.

prospective members are allowed to guest in clan chat Exiled Illusions if unsure of joining, or if wanting to boss with us without the full commitment

Other Information

Main recruitment thread
Discord server


If you looked through our threads and are interested in joining our clan you can Pm the creator of this thread (ScabBrain) in game.
Or you can reply to this thread with the following criteria

Runescape Name

Combat Level

Total Level

Bosses interested in

Looking to learn or teach bossing

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ScabBrain said:
open to all and has no inherent requirements to join

Duplicate thread closed.

Please remember that to be fair to all clans, each clan should only have one recruitment thread, posted in the forum that is the best fit for the clan, based either on requirements or activities.

This forum is for clans that have a minimum combat level requirement for joining. As your clan does not have that requirement, your thread in the Recruitment - Social & Community Clans Forum is the better placed, so please continue to use that thread.

Good luck :)

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