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The Fallen (Pvm Community Clan!)

Hello and welcome the official forum thread of The Fallen! (v2.0) Although we are centered around PvM; skillers, Player Killers, and anyone else who likes RuneScape in general is eligible to join. Our leaders are a group of High Leveled players who can offer good advice to players just beginning to slay High Level Bosses, or help with the new combat system if you're a returning player, and give tips on efficient skilling if you're more interested in that aspect of the game. Don't hesitate to ask clan members if you want to dungeoneer, boss, or play minigames! You're also welcome to participate in group events hosted by the clans that are housed in world 103.

About us:
Clan Formed
: Ever since 2008 (was a friends chat before)

Co Leader(s)
Luckyguess, PewPewPew_gf, Waless
Clan Citadel Tier
Tier 5

CENTRAL US Time and Eastern US

: world


Total exp
4 Billion

: Yes
Our Goals
: To obtain a Tier 7 Citadel, and have at least 200 active clan members, and to host weekly events!

Requirements to Join (Must be P2P)

*see application in post 3 if you think you meet the requirements
~~~ For PvMers ~~~
- At least level
100 combat
, with a minimum level 75 in Attack, Strength, Defense, Magic, and Range.- Level 68 Summoning and level 70 prayer
~~~ For Skillers ~~~
- A total level of
Note: Exceptions can be made for the above requirements

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PewPewPew gf

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Rules of the Clan
The chat is pretty laid back, you can chat about what ever you like but practice common sense and you should be fine.

1. No serious foul langauge directed towards other clan mates.
2. No causing drama over ranks. Those will be given when you deserve them.
3. No Drama in the clan chat. If for any reason you have a personal conflict with another clanmate then please take it to the private message box.
4. Do not be disruptive. This includes spamming the clan chat.
5. Do not beg for gold coins to any other clan mate.
6. Do not discriminate another clan mate in any way. Remember diverse groups of people play this game.
7. If a clan Admin asks for a topic to be dropped then don't argue back.
8. Follow RuneScape rules.
If there are any concerns then contact either one of these people
Alan, Ms Bob Dylan, PewPewPew gf

======== Rank System ========

These are our new rank requirements (Clan mates who joined previously under old system, will keep their rank)

1 Banana
: Newly recruited

2 Banana
exp gained and is active

3 Banana
exp gained, Caps in the Clan citadel regularly, friendly attitude,

Bronze Star
: Previous Requirements, and has gained at least

Silver Star
: Previous requirements and has gained at least

Gold Star
clan exp gained and previous requirements

: The leaders of the clan, and are chosen from the pool of Gold Stars. They have Kick Rights, and are trusted members of the Clan

- 250m Clan Xp
- 500m Clan XP
- 1b XP gained

Clan Avatar:
To maintain a rank admin+ or above you must
cap weekly
see below

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PewPewPew gf

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Clan Ava Warden rules:


- At least 100m clan xp
- 3 star Fealty
- Fully capped the week before on the account you want avatar on

Avatar rules:

- Avatar, unless given permission, is to remain on
, unless there is already one there.
the Avatar when
logging off

**Attempting to bend or get around these rules will result in a warning and
1 week temp derank

Second offence will be a
from the clan **

Looking to join?

We thank you for taking the time to read over this thread. If you wish to be apart of our friendly group then Copy and Paste the application below, and fill it in.

NOTE: Please PM a Clan member/Guest in CC if you APP has not been checked.


PvMer or Skiller:
Do you meet the requirements for your stated playing style?: (Yes/No)
Any other comments: (Optional)


After posting your application, you can either wait for a clan Admin to look over your application or PM one in game and ask them to look it over.

Once again thanks for taking the time to read over this thread and we hope to see you in our clan !!

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Lame Oreo

Lame Oreo

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Username: Lame Oreo
Skiller/PvMer?: PvMer
Do you meet the requirements for your stated playing style?: (Yes/No) Yes
Any other comments: (Optional)

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