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Hello and welcome to Umbral Legion!!

Here at Umbral Legion we accept every person that is interested in doing high-level bosses or even learn high-level bosses as long as you’re combat level 130+. We welcome you into our community regardless of your experience in PvMing, and will strive to help improve your skills, or create Experienced teams. Our end goal is to be able to improve everyone’s skills in order to have a “pool” of people capable of making reliable teams at all times of the day. Umbral Legion was founded to help people without a proper support system. "Lone wolf" types that are looking to get into more community-based content like higher level bosses, or just looking for a group of like-minded people will find a place here. As of now we're a relatively new clan but we're looking to build a great foundation and we appreciate you being a part of the clan.

Some things you can expect from our clan are:
- An active discord (voice and text chat)
- Frequent events (Mostly bossing, but possibly other events as well)
- Experienced players that can answer any question you have about the game
- Experienced bossers capable of any role at any boss, willing to help you learn
- Experienced bossers to form teams for high-end bosses
- A laid back environment filled with awesome people

Feel free to guest our clan to see what we’re all about, or if you’re interested in joining!!
Also, feel free to make a reply on this forum if you’re interested in joining as well, but guesting would definitely make it quicker.


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