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Clan Information:

Riders of Hope is an active and friendly clan that includes all skilling, PvM & PvP aspects in Runescape. Since the release of clan chat, Riders of Hope has evolved to be one of the most helpful environments available. We are a very community orientated clan, featuring players from all across the world working together to maintain an organized and well established clan.

Clan Requirements:

- 138 combat OR
- 200m total experience

Clan Features:

- A helpful and friendly clan chat
- Citadel (Avatar EXP Bonus)
- PvM bossing daily team hosts including:
- (High level) AoD, Beastmaster + Yakamaru, Vorago (HM), Solak, RoTS
- (Low level) Godward Dungeon 2, Beastmaster Durzag, Nex, Kalphite King
- Active Discord server with many features
- Periodical events with prizes!

Please welcome yourself into our clan chat to ask for an invite. If you do not meet the requirements, please feel free to guest!

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