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Why do you think Eternal Division is the clan for you?

I sat as a guest in the chat and liked the chat environment. Everyone was super helpful, and knowledgeable. I'd like to start learning more pvm, and at some point be able to do the high level bosses such as Vorago or Telos. I'm confident this is the clan that can help me get there.

Currently, would you like to teach or learn?

I would like to learn primarily. However, I have done some GWD1 where I can solo for hours, so with that I am definitely open to helping newer people get some kc on the lower level bosses.

What are you looking to teach/learn?

I would like to learn the "Tier 2" bosses and up. As of now I'm extremely new to PvM, but I think Tier 2 would be a great place for me to start.

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, thank you for your application -
you have been accepted!
How do I go about getting an invite?
You can either guest in our clan chat and say you've been accepted on the forums or pm me directly. Be sure to prefix your message with '///' in order to talk in a guest clan chat or '/g' to switch to the guest clan chat tab in your chat box. You can also post in our Discord, then we can organise an invite asap.
How do I get a better rank?
As soon as you join, you will be assigned the Recruit rank. As you do more PvM and upgrade your gear, you'll be able to rank up. Have a look
for the full ranking system.
On behalf of Eternal Division, welcome!
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