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Tier 7 Citadel
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Biweekly Skilling Competitions
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Skilling Teaching
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Welcome to the official recruitment post of the Soccermoms clan. We are a group of friends who like to strive to become better at the game in all of its various activities and help each other to achieve our goals. Our primary focuses are PvM and Skilling. We have many people who excel at both, so if you are seeking to improve yourself and your Runescape experience, this is the place for you. Don't be afraid to ask for advice on topics related to your goals, because that's how you get better. We are especially seeking players from the UK/US. Also Soccermom luck is real.

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1. Clan members must follow Jagex rules at all times while in game.

2. Trust trading/loaning items is highly discouraged. While we have many trustworthy
people in the clan, anything can happen and we will not be held responsible for your
personal decisions. Do it at your own risk.

3. While our clan chat is pretty laid back, do not spam it. Also, try to avoid overly controversial topics such as politics or religion. Everyone has their own ideals. If you would like to get into a debate, take it to a private chat.

4. Ranks are given when they are earned through the ranking system. Do not ask for them.

5. Should you leave the clan and want to rejoin, we reserve the right to put your rank on hold. Typically 1 leave would get their rank back, and after 2 it would have to be re-earned. A third leave would result in most likely not being allowed to rejoin. Depending on circumstances this could either be harsher or more lenient.

6. Maintain a level of respect while you play. Mild trolling of other players is fine, but do remember that you represent the clan. We all love some good banter, but don't get carried away.

7. Do not make name changes that are derogatory, offensive, or visually similar to other clan members.

8. Abide by the decisions of clan leadership. Respectful dissent is allowed, but it must not be disruptive. While we strive to give our members the opportunity to influence clan policy, our leaders' authority and decisions must still be accorded the appropriate respect.

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Currently our main requirement is Priff access. We would prefer people with at least 2k total, but depending on what your goals are and how often you play this can be bent.

Being on the clan discord is also required. You are not required to post or talk in it, but that is where all the clan resources are and where we make announcements for events and updates. Not at least being on the Discord would be a huge waste of potential.

You must obviously agree to the clan rules.


Our ranking system at its core has been borrowed from RS Unity, but has been tweaked in many ways as far as challenges go. Rankings happen based on time in clan, participation in clan activities, and proficiency based challenges (Skilling and PvM Tiers). Keep in mind that you are not obligated to do the challenges for any tier. If you like to just chill and talk in chat, that is perfectly fine, just keep in mind that your rank will reflect that.

These are the requirements for each rank.

This is a placeholder rank used until new members begin to situate themselves in the clan.

1 Week in CC
25 Activity Points

4 Weeks in CC
75 Activity Points

8 Weeks in CC
150 Activity Points

12 Weeks in CC
300 Activity Points
Tier 2 Skilling or PvM


8 Weeks in CC
200 Activity Points
Tier 3 Skilling or PvM

6 Months in CC
600 Activity Points
Tier 3 Skilling or PvM


3 Months in CC
400 Activity Points
Tier 4 Skilling or PvM

All admins are hand-picked and voted on by the Key ranks.
This vote is based on who has contributed the most to the clan and the community

Ways to obtain activity points:
Capping (15)
Attending clan events (10)
Participating in the biweekly Skilling Competition. (varies based on placement)
Progressing a PvM or Skilling Tier (25 each)
Leader discretion

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Skilling Tiers

Tier 1
90+ all
Sliske's Endgame or Crystal Tool set (rod + hatchet + pick) or Seren spells
Jack of Trades aura and 2+ T2 skilling auras, or 1+ T3 skilling auras (master JoT doesn’t count for this)
10M clan XP

Tier 2
1B total XP or 2900+ virtual with 1 200m or 2 120s (any skill)
50M clan XP
Sliske's Endgame, Crystal Tool set, and Seren spells
3+ T3 skilling auras
3 Skilling Sets (Elite or XP outfit, combined Elite set counts as 1.5 sets)

Tier 3
'True Maxed'
1.5B total XP
100M clan XP
Max perked tools (Honed 5 + furn 2/3 on gathering tools, Tinker 3 + Rapid/Pyromaniac on hammer/tinder)
1+ T5 skilling aura or 2+ T4 skilling auras + T4 JoT
5 skilling sets (elite or XP outfit, combined elite counts as 1.5 sets)
2 of the following challenges:
15M XP or 12 EHP in a day, 60M XP or 48 EHP in a week, 175M XP or 140 EHP in a month, 4 minute Cache, 7 min full Magic/fruit/Calquat/Crystal tree run - start at a bank and end
at Crystal Tree, 16 minute Ornate Tortle (list subject to change and substitutions can be accepted if approved)
Can skip total XP/clan XP req by doing 4 challenges
Can skip a challenge req an additional 200M clan XP

Tier 4
250M clan XP (waived if 3.5B+ total XP)
Efficiency referral (show how you aim to be efficient with your skilling - dailies, why you choose certain methods)
1 Micro-Efficiency challenge - perform and record a try-hard skilling method (e.g. construction, tree run, book of char, jack of trades run, summoning, tortles, tick-manip
gathering skills, slayer, prayer+herb, cache, solo fish flingers, dg floor). Needs to be done within 5% of the best available video research + demonstrate at least 1 new skilling method when it come out (show good execution of the method and adequate comparison, but the method does not need to be better than the existing meta.

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PvM Tiers

Tier 1
Unlock "the Reaper" title
100+ KC in 3 of the following: RotS, Nex, Telos, Vorago, Nex: Angel of Death, or Araxxor
Have 3 offensive Auras unlocked

Tier 2
Tier 1 PvM
200+ KC at Araxxor, RotS, and Nex
100+ KC at Vorago, Telos, and Nex: Angel of Death
50+ KC at BM and Yakamaru
Unlock "the Defeater" title with at least 200 Vorago KC & 20 HM Vorago KC.
Unlock "the Daredevil" title with at least 75 Yakamaru and 75 Beastmaster KC.
Unlock "the Warden" title with proof of a 25 kill streak.
Unlock "Final Boss" title.

Tier 3
Tier 2 PvM
A set of T90 Weapons for each combat style with optimal perks.
6 offensive Auras unlocked
Complete all Tier 3 PvM Challenges (via screenshots + leadership observation)

Tier 3 PvM Challenges
1. Base tank Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru.
2. Obtain "the Warden" title and have proof of a 25+ streak.
3. Complete a Nex solo kill in under 3:20.
4. Complete a 300% Araxxor kill with a Nihil in under 4:30 middle path/4:00 top path. (solo)
5. Bomb tank at Vorago to a standard as observed by a T3 Pvmer or higher.
6. Meet a standard for DPS on Challenge Crystals (5 minutes). No scrim, aura, familiar, or Onslaught. (800K Melee, 750K Mage, 750K Ranged)

Tier 4
Tier 3 PvM
Access to the Max Guild
T90 armor/shields for each combat style with optimal perks.
Display an understanding of high-level combat strategies and the ability to use them. (Such as autoattacks with defensives and 4taa.)
Completion of all tier PvM Challenges + at least 2 of the Tier 4 Miscellanious Challenges.

Tier 4 PvM Challenges
1. Duo Vorago
2. Solo RotS

Tier 4 Miscellanious Challenges
1. 4 Man Hardmode Vorago
2. Duo Beastmaster Durzag
3. Trio Nex: Angel of Death
4. Solo 0%-300% Araxxor in one inventory on a Nihil
5. Complete a 1000% enraged Telos kill with 50+ streak

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Copy and fill out the following application and post it in the thread to apply for the clan.

Total Level:
Boss you are most proficient at:
Primary Goals:
Priff access (yes or no):
Have you read and agreed to the clan rules:

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