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«-•´¨`•.,¸¸,.´¯¥¯`•.¸¸ Rouge Moon «-•´¨`•.,¸¸,.´¯¥¯`•.¸¸

100+ Combat or 1250 Total level

We have a discord that we proudly extend a full welcome to anyone who is interested in voice chat.
We handle a majority of our events via Discord management.
Should you want to join, please use the following URL for invitation:

Rogue Moon is a relaxed community of RuneScape players with active members and leaders from all around the world!
Our members regularly enjoy a variety of events such as: PvM and Bossing Trips, Dungeoneering Floors, Distractions & Diversions,
Minigames, Skilling Events, as well as other events of our members’ choosing!
We maintain an active clan chat without requiring mandatory events or Citadel work – although all Citadel skill plots are open for
free capping and xp each week. Do not forget to claim your weekly bonus xp from the Quartermaster in the Citadel Keep!
Feel free to join our Clan chat and get to know us, we are a friendly bunch! Please review our clan rules, they are simple and are
in place to make things more enjoyable for everyone. Our clan chat is always open to guests so drop in anytime!

I'f you are interested in joining, please feel free to hop in our clan chat to request an invite. :

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«-•´¨`•.,¸¸,.´¯¥¯`•.¸¸ RULES «-•´¨`•.,¸¸,.´¯¥¯`•.¸¸

1. Please keep the clan chat drama-free by personal messaging the highest ranking member online if a problem arises. We will try to solve the issue privately.

2. Do not ask for money, gifts, or loans - this is absolutely not allowed because of the potential for abuse and fraud. DO NOT trust trade items or money, instead only use the hourly Item Lending system to ensure the safe return of your items!

3. Be respectful of other's viewpoints and do not discuss sensitive and potentially divisive issues in clan chat such as politics, religion, racism, illegal topics, drugs, adult content, etc.4. When asked to change the topic or take something out of clan, please do so and do not argue. If you believe someone is overstepping please come to a co-owner privately.

5. Do not Troll, Flame, or use Abusive Language. Repeated violations will result in deranking and possible removal from the clan.

6. Do not Lure, Scam, or Hack. If proven you will be immediately banned from clan.

7. Do not purposefully target or kill clan-mates in Mini-games (e.g. Spawn Killing, etc), Wilderness (e.g. ragging, etc), or other PvP areas (e.g. NSing in Clan Wars, etc).(edited)

8. Do not crash clan-mates in any activity. This creates unnecessary tension and problems. Please do not diminish the playing experience of others.

9. Please use English in the clan chat so that we all may easily understand each other.

10. If you will be unable to play for an extended period of time please let us know by posting or messaging a leader ingame so that we may preserve your position within the clan!

11.BE RESPECTFUL to other clan's members that choose to guest in our discord server and/or clan chat.

12. Follow all official RuneScape rules & have fun!

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«-•´¨`•.,¸¸,.´¯¥¯`•.¸¸ PROMOTIONS «-•´¨`•.,¸¸,.´¯¥¯`•.¸¸

Non-staff ranks - all non-staff ranks given should have the previous rank requirements completed

- Gained by joining the clan, all people start with this rank unless under specific circumstances

- Has either capped 4 times at the citadel
- OR has gained at least 10m xp while in the clan.

- Has either capped 8 times at the citadel.
- OR has gained at least 25m xp

-Has gained at least 50m xp while in the clan.
-Has either capped 15 times at the citadel.
- OR attended five clan events,

- 75m clan EXP with continuous maxed fealty
- OR cap 25 times

- 150m clan EXP with continuous maxed fealty
- OR cap 35 times

Staff ranks - all staff ranks can be prescribed by leaders of the clan without meeting requirements of the lower non-staff ranks

- Given to those that are dedicated members of the clan, who have been hand picked by leaders of the clan for being active and contributing members of the community
- Helps the higher staff ranks organize clan events and teach roles to beginners
- Can rank clan members when they achieve their rank requirements
- Are a valued contributor to the clan

- Coordinates clan events and is capable of leading events when needed in the place of higher ranks

- Rank given out by owner of the clan only, approved by the other standing Overseers
- Typically given to people who have the most positive interests for Rouge Moon in mind.

- Leadership approval, a person that would do anything for this clan.

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