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Few Questions you should ask yourself if you want to join ETK, which are very simple questions:

-Are you actually one of those people who joins but never says anything right after or someone who loves to talk and enjoys a good time while playing runescape?

- Are you one of those players that plays the game just to start shit with clan mates or just in general? Because if so, this wont be clan for you, we do not tolerate bullshit towards other members, so look elsewhere.

- Are you actually active in some ways to help the clan develop as a family? If so, we love players that want to become stronger in long run, we had been known to see people within ETK went from people with low level gear, to maxed cape, even few comps capes.

- Are you actually one of those people who joins but leaves within a few days to weeks? We love people that are active when they can be, preferably online at least max per month 3-7 times per month. Because we do drop people from clan periodically.

-Last but final question which is most important question out of all questions: Do you often help out people to develop their runescape gaming as time goes along or prefer the lone-wolf life and help yourself? IF your one of those people that love to see people get stronger, while getting stronger yourself, then this will be clan for you, HOWEVER, If you do prefer lone wolf life, then unfortunately this wont be clan for you.

Requirements to Join the Elite Team Killerz are very simple:

-Have 100 or higher combat level!

Do we accept Ironmans/Ironwomans into ETK? Yes we do accept them as well!

Do we accept skillers as well? yes we do, Just message ETK Br34an when he is online in Game.

If you are finding yourself wanting to Join the ETK family, please leave a message.
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