Need some advise. Returning pl

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Hey fellow scapers! I'm returning after having left right when divination dropped.
I moved over to osrs had some fun there over the years and now I wanna make the comeback to rs3 considering mobile looks to be promising.

Right now I know I need to Duke some quests out, but I'm having an issue knowing what I can PvM for gold making.
My stats
Attk 84
Str 82
Def 85
Hp 76
Range 75
Pray 72
Mage 99

Where should I be dipping my feet into as far as gold making PvM is concerned? Would prefer to mage as I have virt/obliteration and around 270m already and I did head to gargoyles for a little which was quite easy.

I appreciate the help in advance and look forward to seeing you folks out there!

20-Feb-2019 13:51:31

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For casual cash I suggest Slayer! Don't just grind gargoyles. Lucrative but not productive^^

I suggest you make way for Vyres. If you can use a Sunspear and kill those for SoulSplit, you will open up a whole new world of PVM. Not to mention Vyres are decent money to start considering the massive XP boost to the skills they help you level up. They do require some questing though.

Alas if that is not your cup of tea, you may possibly be able to make it through a few GWD2 kills.

20-Feb-2019 17:46:08

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