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I have looked in various places to see if the sunspear actually does get stronger all the way through 500 cremations or note. I have seen multiple people claim that jmods confirmed that the sunspear does improve for 500 cremations, but I couldn't find the evidence of it. I have also seen that vyre cremations only affect blisterwood and flail, not the sunspear. Thanks!

17-Feb-2019 01:32:25

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As an iron player, I've also been told multiple times it does improve it. It's not a terrible amount of extra work to do, you get rewarded for it. Also I'm thinking it is an achievement. I would just get it out of the way personally :P


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I had the Same question, kind Off. While upgrading the flail i checked the visible stats repeatedly, and nothing changed. Which is understandeble If the improvement only works for vampyres. But still i’m uncertain If anything changed to the sunspear. Before i had any improved my flail, i did Some afk vampyre killing, which went ok. After burning 500 corpses, it is still going ok... No real noticable improvement to he honest.

If Anyone had proof, i would like to see it (:

01-Mar-2019 15:39:39

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