Max Cape Perks Question?????

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I remember when we could add 3 99 capes perks to the Max cape but it's been awhile.

I removed one of the 3 perks and have an empty slot that I cannot ADD the same one back OR add a different perk in that slot.

It was the 2nd slot.

I get to the menu for the 3 slots but cannot find where to add one back!

Any help will be much appreciated!



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Hi, dotorperiod,

I reckon you'll get more help over in the Runescape Guides and Help section so I'll move this over there and you can always look up some info on the Max Cape here
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To add another perk into an empty spot (whether it's re-adding the same perk back or adding a different one), you'll need the skillcape for that perk. You sacrifice the cape when you add its perk to the max cape, so you'll need to buy another cape for the perk you want to add to the max cape.
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18-Mar-2018 21:01:16

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