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Is there any advantages to be P2P for a week (with a bond) than staying F2P after besides being able to lvl up skills? Is there anything you can get on member that you can keep on non-member? (Besides warpriest cape for example, you can only get it on member now, but can use it in non-member)

Also, if I get the Keyring from the member quest, will I be able to use it on non-member to free bank space?

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I cannot think of items that would be useful going from P2P to F2P. One of the benefits to doing that used to be to gain bank space. You would become a member, fill up all bank spaces with items you would regularly use as a F2P player (raw and cooked food, various armours and weapons, all types of runes, some of each log, etc.). Once you became F2P again, your bank would remain full, but the game would consider it overfilled due to you being beyond the normal cap for items allowed in a F2P bank. Due to this, you would be unable to deposit any new items into your bank, but so long as you had a "placeholder" for every useful item anyway, you would have the size of a member's bank without having to maintain membership. I do not know if this check still exists in the game.

As for your final question, I did some checks for the keyring. I used one of my now non-member accounts with access to a keyring. It seems the game is missing a check for membership when checking the keyring. I presume this became an issue after the keyring was automatically added to the toolbelt after quest completion. You may not interact with the keyring at all; you are simply given a message stating that one must log into a member's server in order to access that item. Thus, you are unable to see what keys you have added to the keyring. I did not check to see if it were possible to add a key to the keyring, but I suppose a check exists for that.

I was able to gain access to the Edgeville Dungeon without having a brass key with me. Unconvinced, given that no message stating a key was used was displayed, I decided to check Melzar's Maze west of Port Sarim. If you recall, that building requires the possession of a Maze Key. I had one in my keyring but not in my inventory. I was allowed entry to the building, and a message stating that I used the key to open the door was displayed.

Thus, it would seem that we can conclude that the keyring is able to be used by a F2P account.
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