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so recently i was looking into starting Children of mah, i noticed that ritual of the mahjarrat has been made a Recommended quest instead of a Required recently, so i thought id give it a go, now to start the quest obviously i had to find Kharshai up beyond the hunter area northeast of rellekka, however upon kharshai offering his teleporting services to get to the ritual marker (which is fine) after going to the digsite, through the ancient doors into the empty throne room and finding all 5 of his memories, there is however no way to return to the ritual marker for people who have not completed ritual of the mahjarrat rendering the whole process of making the quest a recommended futile. just an FYI ofcourse but thought id alert people of this discrepency, unless anyone knows of any other way to access the ritual site.
1. you cannot get through the tunnel in the ice wall at ghorrok as its simply not there.
2. you cannot teleport to the fairy ring inside glacor cave as its restricted.
3. you cannot put a rope around the overhanging tree and climb up.

20-Feb-2019 16:02:02

Aethel Wolf
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I'm not sure if you can hand the memories directly to Kharshai or get him to teleport you back to the ritual marker first. Either way, you should return to Kharshai.

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