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Hey people! I have a question which I couldn't find an answer for yet. It is a known fact that a F2P player can only get Member skills up to lvl 5, but what would happen if a player would become member for a month, lvl up his stats, and then stop being a member? Would the now F2P player still be able for example to use his agility on obstacles with stats over lvl 5, steal things that requires more than lvl 5 thief, or even do some higher lvl divination?

(I do understand there wouldn't be any xp gains by lvl 5)


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I logged onto an account with 99 divination that no longer has access to members servers. I attempted to interact with a whisp north of Falador, as that requires level 10 divination. I was given a message stating I need level 10 divination and was unable to continue. My assumption is that this would be true of all members' skills once losing membership.
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