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#LetMeTakeAnElfie Competition

I’m going to explore Prifddinas. But first: Let Me Take an Elfie.

Elfie Example

The Elf City is live for you to play, and blowing our socks off with its breath-taking beauty. And for our new competition, we want you to document the awesome things the city has to offer.

We want you to do this through something we’re calling an ‘elfie’ – or, an elven selfie.

Send us your elfies inside the city for the chance to win one of three 12-month RuneScape memberships, plus a goodie bag!

Explore the Tower of Voices, Rush of Blood arena, Max Guild, and loads more! But always remember to document your travels with a screenshot selfie. The more creative, the better!

So – pick your favourite place in Prifddinas, and think about your pose, your costume, and the backdrop – we’ll be taking all of these into account with our judging.

To enter, simply head to our Facebook competition and submit your entry into our gallery -which will go live on Monday 29th September.

Or, if you’re on Twitter or Instagram, upload the image with the hashtag #LetMeTakeAnElfie and you’ll be automatically entered. Please submit these only once, though.

You have until 11.59pm BST on Sunday, September 28th to enter, and you can submit as many entries as you like.

One of our winners will be chosen from your votes in our gallery, which will open on Monday, September 29th. Make sure you share them among your friends/fellow ’Scapers/family/people you barely know on Facebook and get them to vote, using the button under their chosen image in our gallery.

You’ll be able to vote again each day, so make sure you return frequently to choose your favourite.

Hop in-game now, and get snap-happy in RuneScape’s new biggest city, Prifddinas!

For more information about this competition, please check out our Competition T&Cs & FAQs.

The RuneScape Community Team

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If you’re a fan of taking in-game screenshots, we have an awesome competition for you.

We want you to take an ‘elfie’ (an elven selfie) in your favourite places within Elf City and send it to us, for the chance to win one of three three-month memberships and RuneScape goodie-bags.

What is the duration of the competition?

The competition starts on Tuesday, September 23rd, and entries close on Sunday, September 28th at 11.59pm. Entries made after that time will not be allowed into our gallery for judging.

The voting period (more information about this in a later question) will start on Wednesday, September 24th, and finish on Tuesday, September 30th at 11.59pm BST. We’ll announce the winners the following week.

What are you looking for in an entry?

While location is important, that’s not just what we’re looking for – we want you to get creative, and use emotes, costumes, NPCs and expressions to really go to town. Use the highest resolution your computer can muster and give us your best shot!

How can I submit an entry?

You can submit an entry in three ways. First, you can head to our Facebook app, which will allow you to submit your entry directly into the gallery. You can also enter on Twitter or Instagram by uploading the image with the hashta

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