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Hey all,

Now that the Runefest stage line-ups have been revealed, we can officially talk about the ‘Mythbusters’ session: an hour where you throw your myths, assumptions and misconceptions at us, and we tell you if they are true or false.

For this to really work, we need your help: we want you to submit your myths for busting. They might be aimed at a specific JMod on Old School or RuneScape, even our CEO; they might be aimed at all JMods; they might be about the games or the whole studio. We want you to feel welcome to throw assumptions at us, no matter how silly or serious.

Post them here and there is every chance that they will get chosen to be read out and answered at Runefest and live on stream. We will include player names, unless you state that you don't want them included.

Thanks in advance, and keep it clean(ish).

Mod Osborne

05-Sep-2019 17:30:13

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Myth - you can obtain a dino tooth from dinosaurs or vile blooms (yes yes, i know the answer, but this matches peoples complaints of poor rng) "Itnachos11" FC is a friends chat for PCing nothing because you're not allowed in.

05-Sep-2019 18:15:35

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Assumption - many experienced staff members at Jagex have left because their salary at Jagex wasn't good enough.
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05-Sep-2019 18:52:49



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Hope this counts.

If 27 people High Level Alchemy 1000 rune 2h swords each, over 1Billion brand new GP is added to the total amount of gold in game.

With how long High Level Alchemy has been in game, and in addition to that, how popular it has been used as profitable alchemy.. I've been curious of a rough estimate of how much gold gets added daily just from alchemy, and about how much gold is currently in circulation or in existence?

And are there really enough sinks in game to balance it?
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05-Sep-2019 23:05:34

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