Skypouncer un-Scavenging issue

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How do I deactivate my Skypouncer's Scavenging ability? Even after I go to the Pet interface and deselect its Scavenging ability, I still get the occasional messages saying "Your pet is currently scavenging for you."

Trying to get my pet to fight other pets somehow still cause the "currently scavenging" message to pop up with my pet doing nothing in response.

So far the only solution that works some of the times is to forcibly log out and re-login. So either I am missing out something or I've run into a bug...
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09-Jan-2017 06:50:39

Zevrant Bapt

Zevrant Bapt

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If you believe it to be a bug the best thing to do is to report it using the in-game report feature. (The flag with the cross in it at the top right of the chatbox.)

I guess you could try sticking a different ability on over the Scavenger, since at most it can only have 3 abilities it'd have to force the scavenging to stop.

(And sorry for taking so long to respond.)
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