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Unique Rewards Suggestion:

mage staff
with an
offensive special attack
! The stats would be similar to the staff of the dead, and work in the same way of consuming
100% of the special attack
, but it would be offensive, instead of defensive.

The reason for this is that it would sit as a highly sought after item and more importantly, will be used for
scenarios. Working perfectly as a reward from the Revenant caves in the wilderness.

Lastly, but by no means least, is that this would certainly allow for a
balanced combat style option
against saturated melee builds, as currently there is no formidable ko option for mid- to high-level accounts using a purely mage set-up.


- When the special attack is activated, it will
only deal on the next hit
, and not over an extended period of time. This could either boost accuracy and damage of the spell being used or be inherent to the staff that shoots a special spell whilst consumes a considerable amount of runes.

- The special attack is to act equivalent to the AGS for melee and ballista for ranged.

- The
special attack is mage based
. The higher your magic attack bonus, the higher it will hit. It has
no connection to melee bonuses
at all; nobody wants Korasi 2.0.

- This is overall aimed to be a higher tier weapon. And requires 75 mage, 75 attack as well as 70 defence to equip.

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An offensive mage staff sounds like what we are missing! Melee has the AGS, Range has the Ballista, Mage has .... 50% reduced damage from melee for a minute... lovely.

26-Jan-2018 17:52:41

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Perhaps an item that prevents players from pathing through the wielder in
areas. This item would force players to manually click around the wielder
(think the bearded gorillas or brawlers from Pest Control)

There would need to be some negative for the wielder such as reduced damage, accuracy, and defenses and/or maybe some sort of hitpoints cost.
One suggestion is that the item would be two-handed, disallow the wielder to retaliate to incoming attacks, and severely reduce defenses.

Two other potential issues with such an item are abuse cases coming from PKing clans and players griefing in areas like the wilderness agility course. If such an item were added to the game a player could stand at the log balance to the agility course and hold skillers hostage, forcing them to hop or fight, and clans could freeze and have a few players box the target into one square.

I welcome any constructive criticism or suggestions regarding this idea, because without some balancing this item would undoubtedly be very overpowered.

26-Jan-2018 18:19:56

Big Mag
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Big Mag

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Dagger of Swiftness

Ghostly Dagger that has negative weight value and special attack restores run energy.

Pretty much useless in combat but great for running around the game.
(also fits in the Revenant theme)

Pegasian Ether

Bottle of Liquid used on Ranger Gloves to create Pegasian Gloves (new best in slot gloves for ranging)

This is alternate for new vambraces that did not make it through the poll.

Would be nice if bis ranging gloves would be seperate from bis melee gloves.

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Revs most definitely need unique drops in addition to add to the currently underwhelming drop tables.

Here are some proposed idea's:

1) Degradable rune pouch:
Similar to current rune pouch, but degrades with use.

2) Recoil Robes:
A low-defense robe set with a recoil affect, similar to that of a ring of recoil, that activates when the whole set is equipped. The set should offer current bis str bonuses in addition to some attack bonuses.

3) Spec boosting Robes:
A low defense robe set which doubles spec bar regeneration rate. This would have the benefit of making fights much more intense and fast-paced!

Recoil robes and spec boosting robes (charged with ether) are specifically low defense so that they are useful in fast-paced, high intensity risk fights, where people already use low defense robes/no arm. In addition this would make them available to pures

4) Undead hunter crossbow :
Same exact stats as the dragon hunter crossbow, but for the undead.

5) Undead blaster staff :
Gives 30% extra damage vs undead npc's and can auto-cast the crumble undead spell. It's special attack uses 100% of the spec bar and allows you to instantly anti-freeze/ un-entangle yourself and become immune to freezes for 5 seconds.

Food drops by revenants should be made un-noted to increase trip times. In addition, lootbags should be a 100% drop from npc's/players present within the revenant caves. These changes would encourage more loot accumulation, thus raising the risk/reward factor.

The currently proposed emblems (4m, 6m,16m) solution feels just as "artificial" as the 100x drops.

continue pursuing unique drops for revs
(and the rest of the caves as well)
even if it it's a lengthy process
(you will never please the entire community, but please keep at it).

Thanks for your efforts and patience.

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MyTurn 2Pk

MyTurn 2Pk

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Just add brawling gloves instead these coin rewards, would really encourage to do these aids skills, and boost pvp world activity, and repoll pvp armours as they were originally without that stupid gold sink idea that doesn't work, there will still be less inflation than dropping straight 16m gold drops anyway, just make suicide with armors give like 60% value so it's not worth it

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Big Mag
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Big Mag

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Hollow Helmet, Chestplate and Leg Plates

Ghost-gladiator type of armor that gives minor attack/strength bonuses with no defence requirements (making them best for 1 def pure melee combat)

So far there isn't any armour for pures to melee with.

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p0w3r zerk

p0w3r zerk

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a staff with a magical special attack- mage has no high hitting spec weps

range bolas- or some type of range weapon that can bind

brawling gloves- higher xp while skilling in wilderness

degradable rune pouches

a huge runecrafting pouch- holds 20 essence, degrades after 100 uses

26-Jan-2018 21:43:41

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