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At home, I have this very useful little wallet where I dump all the little coins of foreign currencies - in hopes I ever travel there again.
It makes sure my own wallet is not crowded with these "useless" coins - I suggest the same in RuneScape. There are about a dozen currencies aside from GP that are crowding the banks of users:

- Agility Arena Tickets
- Archery Tickets
- Castle Wars Tickets
- Numulite
- Warrior Guild Token
- Trading Sticks
- Ecto-Tokens
- Pieces of Eight
- Tokkul
- Marks of Grace
- Gold Nuggets
- Unidentified Minerals
- Molch Pearls
- Mermaid's Tears
- (Shantay Pass)
(I probably forgot several)

I would like a pouch / wallet / case to dump all these in. NOT PLATINUM TOKENS OR GP though. For good measure, probably should not store bonds either. Maybe if a user tries give a message such as:

"This is a FOREIGN currency pouch!" or "All this gold won't fit in the pouch."

This would be an object similar to the keychain, so a physical object and not the RS3-version. As such, this currency pouch would NOT be allowed to be taken into the Wilderness (or risk losing all contents, either is fine).

Personally, I wouldn't like to lock it behind a quest or diary. Maybe as a reward within EVERY reward shop of minigames? Just a thought.

If anyone can discover currencies I forgot, or wants to make suggestions: please reply!

PS: I do NOT want to remove the current tokens and tickets. I think they give a lot of flavour to the game; using sticks to trade? Lovely! Breaking up the petrified bodies of the deceased and using the chuncks as money? FANTASTIC!

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