Purchased wrong bond

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Sage Saria
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Sage Saria

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I accidentally purchased a RS3 bond instead of an OldSchool Bond, not knowing there was a difference. I emailed Support 4 days ago but so far there hasn't been a reply. I'm about to have my bank just deal with the issue with Jagex directly to see if they can get a response, but looking for thoughts first.

Has someone else done the same thing? Did Jagex ever reply?


17-Apr-2019 18:56:12

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Hi there
Sage Saria

Can you see a record of the webform you submitted in your 'Messages' tab in account management?
If you submitted the webform successfully, you should be able to see your form in the Sent Messages file.

If you cannot see your sent message, you will need to try again, the link Aethel Wolf posted above is the place to start.

Any replies will also be left in the 'Messages' tab.

You should not have had to wait so long for a reply.
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18-Apr-2019 08:08:46

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