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at around 22:20 Monday night I purchased 2 membership bonds for osrs I accidentally redeemed one of them I'm in need of a j mod to take the 14 days of my membership and return me the bond please as I was planning on selling the bonds and not redeeming it I managed to sell the other bond as I figured out how to withdraw it but have just bought membership as well so I don't need the extra 14 days I need the bond back complete accident hopeful that a j mod can help ???

12-Feb-2018 22:42:13

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Best thing to do would be to get in touch with Jagex via the Support Centre here. Explain that you have accidentally redeemed the wrong thing and they should be able to sort it out for you.

I've seen a few instances like this where Jagex have mentioned the best thing to do is to contact them :)

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12-Feb-2018 23:21:27

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I saw on runescape somewhere (can't remember where) that I could get year membership for 12 bonds. That's why I saved until I could buy that amount. Also, it gives you limited options on redeeming them when you click it. If this is not right, please someone make it easier to do. I'm seriously disappointed as I've been playing for about a decade.

05-Apr-2019 20:11:55

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Special offers are usually time limited.
If the offer is still open, you will see it at the redemption window or the payment window.

I have never seen an offer that gives you a twelve months membership for fewer than 20 Bonds (usual price = 24 Bonds to get 360 days membership).

I am wondering whether you misread the "twelve months" as "twelve bonds" in the Gold Premier Club advertisement.
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05-Apr-2019 22:16:33

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