Patch Notes - 05/08

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Kal Vorax
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Kal Vorax

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< Vyres in a personal slayer dungeon will no longer be able to spawn as vampyre juvinates*****;

PLEASE say this means that their souls are worthwhile to add to the slayer dungeon? I hate the fact that darkmeyer isnt instanced and the one good spot is ALWAYS taken.

06-Aug-2019 02:27:06

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MrsGuinevere said:
War tortoise said:
Blackwing said:
Another patch week, disappointed.

your always dissapointed, go back to OSRS

Draco Burnz said:
Xavathos said:

Nope, but I don't think it matters to him. If Jagex doesn't dance to his tune, he's going to be disappointed.

So he's going to be disappointed.

A lot.

Quite sad hes never happy :/

p sure hes an osrs player, his opinions are invalid

and this saga CONTINUES..... a few weeks break and now back to the reg. scheduled program.
Yes NEVER HAPPY! Even with NEW content a negative ALWAYS appears in it.

As for this weeks update: thank you for the long list of fixes. Thank you for the Summer escape. This give me a focus and resetting goals opportunity.

I mean he probably has a point considering this already is the fourth patch week in a row again (ignoring that recycled temporary MTX promotion) - and unless we're getting some kind of surprise update in august it will be at least 4 more now. That he starts mourning about patch weeks directly the week after a big update doesn't really speak for him, but he sorta has a point.

We admittingly had some really good stuff in 2019, but we also had two pure patch months this year already - with august being the third - that really shouldn't happen. Even if they're holding back the good stuff for runefest, at least something small-ish could be made available to keep the players interested. No matter what - the patch weeks had been great lately - something they also partially failed last year for instance.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
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C a z said:
YankeeWolf said:
Nice patch list.

Can sometime the quest log include all the little (i am thinking six here) quest hidden, ones left to do that are not now included in what we have left to do ,be spelled out. Nowhere can I find what Runemetrics is talking about that i need to complete 6 quests, all indications in game say i completed everything and have my quest cape. I clicked the tabs under quests and there are no more mini quests to complete, what is up with that, where is the answer to help complete those??

Mine lists 6 that it says i havent done, when i have :/ If you go to your runemetrics by the circle that says quests in progress etc, there is a link that says 'all quests' you can click.

Nadir (saga)
Purple Cat (miniquest)
Thok It To 'Em (saga)
Thok Your Block Off (saga)
Three's Company (saga)
Vengeance (saga)

These are listed for me as not done but they are.

I just completed Thok your block off(saga) (((((FOUR)))))) times, if they look at my runemetrics activities they would see that, so whats up runescape, is this going to be fixed or we given some instruction how to get past this????????? Please fix the mini quest glitch or at least confirm there is a glitch to fix or let us know we are doing something wrong or not doing something enough or not doing it right, whatever but the silence your killing it for us. Four times done as proven in activities yet still says incomplete, whats broken will it be repaired?

06-Aug-2019 07:32:51

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1 additional free clue scroll re-roll a day
listed on the main page link for the summer event . The new Double up Weekend interface in game doens't list this. Might also be because it isn't that important.

06-Aug-2019 08:31:06

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E sdeath said:
Has the bonecrusher's tick box thing been fixed last patch notes?

From last week's patch notes:
Mod Meadows said:
Bone crusher auto pickup toggle does now visibly change when selected.

So yes.
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09-Aug-2019 00:00:00

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