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Hello everyone, I am looking to create a clan based around teaching/learning bossing, methods of skilling, and overall game knowledge. I some experience with clans and I am looking for new people to join me on any future adventures.

I know there are plenty of people trying to find a way to learn bosses on Gielinor with no way of creating a team or finding people to create a group.

I know this could be accomplished within a friends chat but I am looking for something a little more. I am looking for people who are alone and looking to create a community around the ideas stated above.

For people who are interested in Runescape lore like myself I think it would be cool to discuss different ideas/tales of Runescape with each other to expand are knowledge on the game we enjoy.

When I mention methods of skilling, I am trying to expand the horizon not for specific xp rates per hour or efficient ways of training. I am look to share and learn unique ways for training certain skills. I would also like to create challenges surrounding these ideas with certain rewards for these challenges.

If you are interested, feel free to pm me in game!

10-Mar-2019 07:57:35

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