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Full Clan Name: Aegis of Saradomin
Official Clan Name: The Aegis of Saradomin
Name of Clan Representative(s): Siegfreid, Xivu
Clan Creation Date: February 11th, 2015
Number of Members: 126
Forum QFC: 7ex3

23-Feb-2019 01:38:18

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Full Clan Name:
Ethereal Souls
Official Clan Name:
Ethereal Souls
Name of Clan Representative(s):
Zarda, True Crime
Clan Creation Date:
April 1st, 2014!
Number of Members:
Forum QFC:
Proud owner of E

07-Mar-2019 08:26:09

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Full Clan Name: Exercitum
Official Clan Name: Exercitum
Name of Clan Representative(s): Kal-Ex
Clan Creation Date: 29/06/17
Number of Members:63
Forum QFC: 92-93-945-66078433
Clan Owner of Exercitum

07-Mar-2019 16:00:51

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Full Clan Name: Phoenix Moon
Official Clan Name: Motruck
Name of Clan Representative(s): Remove Yoshix1 add Motruck , add Lilly Lysle
Clan Creation Date: estimate 02/14/2015
Number of Members: due to new struct or # 39
Memberlist: maybe rune head
Forum QFC: 290-291-426-65656070

08-Mar-2019 12:16:27

Pl0x 5k
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Pl0x 5k

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New applicant

Full Clan Name: Gielinor Crusaders
Official Clan Name: Gielinor Crusaders
Name of Clan Representative(s): Pl0x 5k - no one else so far, not too many of us use the forums, so ill be sure to keep my eye out for others.
Clan Creation Date: May 2017 - is what i have for my latest record; but we have collaborated together with another to merge together since before that.
Number of Members: 300+
Forum QFC: Quick find code: 290-291-562-66087211
C4N S0M30N3 G1V3 M3 S0M3 M0N3Y ?

11-Mar-2019 23:25:27

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Adding a rep for my clan.

Full Clan Name: ZybezNet
(actual clan name)
Official Clan Name: ZybezNet
(name you're called in-game which may differ from full clan name)
Name of Clan Representative(s): Ramu, Theaman09
(maximum of 2 representatives; you count as 1 of the 2 representatives)
Clan Creation Date: 12 April, 2011
(if you can’t remember an exact date, type an estimate)
Number of Members: 448

(Official RuneScape Clan Page link)
Forum QFC: Offsite - Discord
(if you use an offsite forum, type 'offsite' -or- if you don’t use either, type ‘N/A’)

19-Mar-2019 03:18:08

Girl Geek
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Girl Geek

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Still can’t access CLF so reapplying

Full Clan Name: Reborn Warriors
Official Clan Name: Reborn Warriors
Name of Clan Representative(s): Girl Geek, Fraaamed
Clan Creation Date: June 2018
Number of Members: 255
Forum QFC:,93,400,66023067,goto,121
Founder and Owner of
Reborn Warriors
Join or Guest

2000+ Total | International Social, Skilling and PvM Clan

26-Mar-2019 05:02:04

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