Clan can't disband

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I have tried to disband the clan multiple times today. I am the only remaining member left in my clan and have tried to follow the instructions for disbanding but nothing works. I've spoken to Scribe and tried to leave with no luck. I have also tried to leave in the clan settings tab and it instructs you to stand in the citadel. I have tried leaving from outside my citadel and from the inside. Nothing is working - I tired following instructions from other forum post similar to those mentioned above but none are working. Anyone have any advice?

15-Mar-2019 14:21:17

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Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do to help. :( Mod Shauny left a reply that explains why this issue exists on another thread (that you have already posted on).
Mod Shauny said:
So I've looked in this.

The reason, you're getting that message is because last week or this week more than 5 clan members visited your citadel.

You just need to go into the Citadel itself and then trigger the leave button there. :)

(The Clan Update did this to try and be more secure with clans that recently had more visitors, if you still can't disband, shout)

If you're still unable to disband, hopefully a Jmod may be able to help you out. In the meantime, please submit a Bug Report under the Gameplay category and include your clan's name in the report.

Support Centre - How to Report a Bug

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23-Mar-2019 01:51:12

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Thanks Sicariu for the information. I've already submitted a bug report prior to posting on the forums. Seems like the issue is still here; really unfortunate that I can join a new clan to play with others. I would be into if there are any other ways of getting help with this.

30-Mar-2019 19:49:58

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While you are waiting for it to be sorted out, you could still guest in a clan chat. Most clans are happy to let people guest in the chat and be apart of whats going on,
Use the time to see what's available so that when you are able to, you can join the best clan for you.

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30-Mar-2019 21:27:42

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