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I just got the capoeira outfit thinking it will be customization only to find out its Diango outfit, which I suppose is a bonus as it's not taking up bank space. Unless I keepsake the outfit I will not wear it as just about everything you do in-game requires some form of outfit for xp, safety or gathering purposes.

What I would like to know is:

Why some outfits are customized when others are not?

How does Jagex decide what items are customized, what are Diango, what are bank items or is able to go into our costume room in our POH?
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22-Mar-2019 13:20:45

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All of the cosmetic outfits that existed before overrides were a thing were physical items you needed to wear. After overrides became a thing more of the items were released as overrides as it then didn't gobble up precious bank slots.

Points at the Flame Skull as a reference. It was originally released as a game card incentive item. However when it was released to Solomon's shop it came in the form of an override.

As to the decisions on which now are chosen as overrides rather than physical items I've no idea.
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Items with stats come as physical items instead of skins.

Items previously obtained only through certain promotions before the override mechanism was introduced remained in their physical item state. Capoeira set is one of those.

Pets come from regular TH slots like the parrot instead of promotions like Bingo Card events are physical items.

Those are some of the physical items I observed from past events.

22-Mar-2019 20:21:58

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