excess dungeoneering fragments

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im not sure if anyone else has had this... ive got the elite dungeoneering outfit,, yet I still have 3600 fragments that are in my currency pouch is it a bug or something as im not sure?

22-Mar-2019 20:21:49

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi DarkWilled.

Yes, it's a known bug. See the comment at the bottom of this Wiki article:
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22-Mar-2019 20:32:06

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at least u can make them, since ed3 was released whenever i tried to make an elite dung piece it would go for 2-3 seconds then say done and wouldnt make it.

just checked now and, it no longer even has the option to make the pieces in invention bench anymore lol..

and no i dont have all 4 sets

24-Mar-2019 07:08:51

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