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Dandelion and other feathery airborne seeds are fun to catch - my children are, in equal portions, amused and embarrassed because they used to call them 'fairy balls' - as an enlightened/maleficent parent I never questioned their choice of descriptor!
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03-Jun-2018 22:53:01

Molly Weazly
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Applejuiceaj said:
Twillow said:
I feel like it's the dandelions; are other plants that produce that white, fluffy, cottony pollen?

I think there is some tree that produces it, too. Because it only shows up around this time of year, but dandelions are around the entire summer.

Cottonwood trees. At least that's what they're called here. They're horrific. My daughter's asthma goes through the roof.

But at least we had a couple of decent days here as far as temperature. Not too hot or humid. =)

04-Jun-2018 04:46:29

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Miu said:
The last forum help was refreshed at around 13k posts, the current one is at 15k.

Ask jagex to refresh that, first ;)

It's interesting you mention that. As we have been looking at getting it a fresh coat of paint as well.

As to this thread we can revisit the refresh later on as well. It was only due to back end tech issues I was asking y'all. However the slower loading doesn't kick in for awhile yet so well let it run for now. Was just gauging people's opinions :)
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04-Jun-2018 13:03:40

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Good morning everyone, hope everyone has a good day and the rest of the week.

Today is the first day of my summer semester! :D
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04-Jun-2018 16:51:25

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