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Hellooooooooooooooooo everyone. Guess who...............

Sorry for not being about but I've been suffering a lot of pain latley and sitting on my computer just makes it far worse.

I've ripped some muscles in my left shoulder and the pain is 11/10. :P

Not much can be done with it but leave it to nature.

No motorbike or car or gardening. My grass and weeds are 2-3 feet tall again lol. I need a goat.

Chat soon as I'm trying to get back into a routine of computer as well as other daily things I used to do.

Honestly I've not quit lol. Can't get rid of me that easy. :P
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22-Aug-2018 10:40:44

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So let me get this straight. Tuffty was giving me a chance to get post count to catch up and I didn't take advantage...

Anyhow good luck with your recuperation Tuffty. Tears like that suck.
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22-Aug-2018 13:43:37



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Tuffty, hate to say this but now i know theres smoke being blown up someones ass, you infact said my account was being watched for months, i just atarted playing this game again after 2 year break not even 3 weeks ago. I have no bot system, no third party program, nothing on my laptop that i just bought that benefits me in the game. Just these 2 hands and a lot of pateience clicking while watching netflix. If this is how youre going to argue "botting" then no wonder this game has crashed. Youre falsely banning and slapp8ng people on the wrist. Runescapes bot detection has been PROVEN to mess up on multiple accounts. But i come on here to get thia straightened out and youre going to play me off as someone that got caught? For playing the game as desigined? Mindlessly doing the same damn thing for hours on end before you can even level a skill?

22-Aug-2018 17:30:10

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Alas, this thread is for general chit-chat, and not discussing the status of your account - or ranting at other players trying to lend assistance. Whilst a Forum Moderator, Tufty is a player like you or I, and not a member of staff as I think your post implies.

You'd be far better off posting in the dedicated area of the forums for Account help - namely Community Led Account Help. The players there though will simply relay the same information to you as you have received here.

It could quite well be that your account was compromised and used for botting during your break. It could also be that they have made a legitimate mistake - it happens. If you're truly convinced you're not at fault, I'd recommend submitting an appeal via the Account Bans (click me) page.


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