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15-Oct-2018 23:47:27

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Still thawing out it was cold over the weekend...

I'm in the picture somewhere but I'm
telling y'all which I am. Our second weekend was this past weekend average temperature while we were camping was like 3.333°C oh what fun it was, it rained on us all day Friday and we were camping til Sunday night. Hanging out in tents to sleep was quite the adventure.

edit: added the not I forgot.
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Ooh, Woodbadge training.

Used to keep getting reminded at registration by my district that I should go, but every single time it gets scheduled when I’m not able to go. Couple years ago told them that it’ll be a while before I can, and got a break from that :P

Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to do it.

Do have some ideas for a ticket I could do....Had a few already, but have since finished them xD
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I give up hunting the animals - 3k chins hunted for one baby - I think that is a disgrace, the game shouldnt' be like that - it should be achievable in a fun way. I started hunting dragons, I got two females in around a 2 hour period - it's cheaper to spend 1 mil on a child which I did for a male, but that was after spending around 1 - 2 hours a day over 3 or 4 days. Today I spent 1 - 2 hours doing red dragons and didnt' get one pof egg. This skill is designed for you to buy of another person rather than incouraging you to get it yourself - very sad, it's not my way of playing a game having to buy to pay out of fustration, mild anger etc This is the main reason for not liking Pof part of the time and at the begining all of the time.

Dragon eggs (pet) suppose to be a rare drop, I was getting them left right and center and thats how Pof eggs should be, not some rare hard to get drop.

Zygomites, I got both of them myself , but it took a long while and I am not get as many as you, but I only have two more breeds to get. One more yak to get and then I can start on my dragons (only own black at the moment).

Plus I used over 300 ark mushrooms in pens and took them out again and a week or two or three went past and I went to get them out of the bank and they had changed into Variety and Jagex wont fix it :@ Thats a hell of a lot of ark mushrooms gone :@
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