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Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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Awwwwwwwwww - get well!

Love the pic by the way ^_^

I'm pleased summer is coming, which means sniffles, colds and flu's are behind for several or so months. I didn't get the flu this year - so I am very pleased. Mind you my nose is still running slightly - it has just stuck around for a while now - with those posts about fluid driping from the brain, I was getting a bit worried ^_^ It's seems to be slowing down thankfully. Our spring lately has been very cold and wet and windy - down south two big dumps of snow - looked like middle of winter. Anyway summer will be here soon - beach, beach, beach :D My kids at the begining of spring have already swam once down at the beach, so hopefully it will start picking up :)
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